1. Background

2. Promotion

3. Achievement

4. Action plan

4.1 Programme:

4.2 Equipment:

4.3 Coaching:

4.3.1 Duration of coaching camp

- In the last LTDP Meeting held on 10th March, 2004, it was inter alia decided to “hold coaching camps of 100 days for Seniors with strength not more than 25 players, 80 days for Juniors with strength not more than 35 players and 60 days for Sub-Juniors with not more than 45 players, in various parts of the country”.

- Similarly, in case of Juniors (less than 20 years of age) as well, the strength should be 36 players instead of 35, and in case of Sub-Juniors (less than 14 years) it should be 48, instead of 45, as with the introduction of ‘Cadet’ group (less than 17 years) event as well along with Sub-Juniors. We may take only the medallists not exceeding 4 in each event and section, in Cadet and Sub-Junior respectively. The number of days of the camp may remain unchanged.

4.4 Clinic for Technical Officials:

- On date FAI have no international qualified Referees. This proves to be a great deterrent. Hence the necessity to conduct/attend training programmed for officials to qualify as international Referees. In this context the following proposals are made for consideration and approval.

  1. On a proposal made by the FAI earlier the SAI had agreed to extend necessary assistance for holding a clinic and had desired that FAI may invite an Expert from the International Fencing Federation (LTDP-7.3.2003, para 6 refers). FIE have since agreed to provide an Expert for the purpose who has to be provided free local hospitality and transport and paid out of pocket allowance as prescribed by them. The trainees will have to be provided subsidized hospitality.
  1. FIE will be conducting an international examination for Referees in ‘Sabre’ event in conjunction with the Asian Senior Championship on the 23rd and 24th July, 2005, at Sabah (Malaysia) and in ‘Foil’ and ‘Epee’ events at Doha (Qatar) in September, 2005. FAI would like to depute competent officials to appear in these examinations.

4.5 Infrastructure:

4.6 Diploma Course

4.7 Coaches training abroad

4.8 National Coach

4.9 Hosting of international event

4.10 Training Centre at Delhi

- A permanent coaching centre for the National campers at any one of the SAI Regional Centres.

- Provision of training facilities in the game of Fencing at SAI Regional Centre, Delhi.

4.11 Appointment of Coaches in Regional Centres

4.12 Role of Project Officer

- Project Officers have been over-burdened with a large number of sports disciplines to be handled and consequently it is understood they have little time to examine the proposals thoroughly from all angles.

- Hardly any liaison and/or interaction is being maintained with the National Sports Associations, perhaps due to lack of time and enormous volume of work.

4.13 Data Bank

4.14 Induction in SAI’s schemes

4.15 It is noted that the IOA and SAI have signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” with CCI and FICCI respectively. It is also noted that SAI have also entered into an agreement with the Department of Sports and Recreation, Govt. of Western Australia.  All these steps will no doubt, it is hoped, will accelerate the promotion of sports to achieve excellence in international sports competition. It is requested to include Fencing as one of the sports disciplines under these agreements, in the overall interest of the game’s further development and progress.

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