The Ranking of The Best Gambling Affiliate Programs in 2021

Partners Rating Deal type Cookie Reviews
PM Affiliates 5/5 CPA, RS, Hybrid 30days See Review
1xBet Affiliates 4/5 CPA, RS 7days See Review
Betfair Affiliates 4/5 CPA, RS, Hybrid 45days See Review
BetWinner Affiliates 4/5 CPA, RS 15days See Review
Bet365 Affiliates 4/5 RS 45days See Review

Nowadays online gambling is becoming more and more popular as a way of both spending free time and making money. There is a significant number of various online casino services available on the Internet: betting on sports, slots, playing online versions of such well-known games as poker and blackjack, roulette and many others. Owing to the fact that a lot of online casinos are new and only beginning to offer their services, they need promotion so that people find out about their existence and could make use of them. This is what gambling affiliate programs are for.

What is gambling in affiliate marketing?

First of all, it is important to understand what affiliate marketing is. It is promoting a certain product and making a profit out of that. In the case of gambling an advertiser, who is interested in this industry and knows all its aspects, can advertise a certain webpage by presenting it in an appealing and understandable way for the audience through special gambling affiliate sites, and earn money. So, the marketer’s task is to bring as many people as possible to the website. For each person, he will get paid by the owner of the webpage.

How to determine a good gambling offer?

Some affiliate programs are a good choice for making a profit while the other ones are a complete waste of time. So, there are some aspects which are crucial to know in order to identify good gambling offers:

  • Commission: this is a price an affiliate earns for each sale. It can be either a fixed reward or it can change according to the type of the product, for instance, whether it is easy enough to sell or not!
  • Payout conditions!
  • Model: RevShare, CPA or CPL!
  • The presence of negative carryover!
  • Criteria of marketer choice. Sometimes bookmakers require their partner to have a ready website with high traffic to ensure that their products will have a source of promotion!

Here are some top gambling affiliate programs: CVC Affiliates, 1xbet, PlayAmo, WorldWinner, FortuneJack Affiliates.

The target audience

An affiliate should identify who is the target audience he needs to reach. It is a substantial piece of information because in order to attract more potential customers, marketers should choose the proper type and channel of advertising which be appealing to people. So, the target audience are people who are between 18 and 45 years old, more often men than women. Men whose income is insufficient are interested in gambling in order to make more money whereas men who earn enough are looking for a way to have fun and relax and not to get rich out of that. Therefore, advertisers should focus on these people, their needs, likings and dislikings so as to present gambling sites to them in such an appealing way so that they become potential clients.

Traffic sources for gambling in 2021

It is significant to know which source to select to buy traffic from in order to have a positive return on investment.


In 2021 the most popular way to convert traffic is an application. Marketers advertise the application with gambling services on social media like Instagram and users reach the platform thanks to a specially designed application which is convenient because they can make use of it any time. Moreover, turned on push-notifications on the smartphone will remind the player about the application all the time

Native advertisements

It is a traffic channel for gambling the essence of which is rather simple. The advertisements are placed on the main page of the website so that its visitors tend to click on it and read it.


Gambling advertisements are allowed there. So, affiliates can use this platform as a source of traffic.


This platform is one of the most famous channels of traffic. Marketers can purchase an advertisement for an online casino website from famous bloggers who will introduce it properly and attract the public’s attention to it.


Marketers may buy advertising posts from the owners of popular blogs and channels.

How much can you earn on gambling?

The profit of advertisers depends on several aspects. The first one is the choice of an online casino whether it is a popular one or a beginner. Advertisers may also work for several casinos so as to increase their profit. The second aspect is the rules of the gambling affiliate program regarding the commission whether it is fixed or varies according to the level of sales or the type of products sold. Finally, the third aspect is the effectiveness of advertising the affiliate makes.


Gambling affiliate programs are a good way to make a profit which like any other method of earning money has its pros & cons. However, provided that there is a certain knowledge in this sphere, success can be achieved.