Best Sports Betting Affiliate Programs 2021

Partners Rating Deal type Cookie Reviews
PM Affiliates 5/5 CPA, RS, Hybrid 30days See Review
1xBet Affiliates 4/5 CPA, RS 7days See Review
Betfair Affiliates 4/5 CPA, RS, Hybrid 45days See Review
BetWinner Affiliates 4/5 CPA, RS 15days See Review
Bet365 Affiliates 4/5 RS 45days See Review

Sports betting is a developing industry in present times. A considerable number of people who love sports also become admirers of placing bets on it because that gives them an opportunity not only to watch their favorite events but also to make money from that. Moreover, websites which offer sports odds give a chance for people to make a profit through special affiliate programs. Marketers help to promote the webpage and acknowledge people with all the services it offers. For each new client of the sports betting website affiliates get a particular money reward.

What are Sports Betting Affiliate Programs?

In order to understand what such programs are, at first the definition of affiliate marketing should be presented. It is advertising a particular product on the Internet in exchange for a reward. Sports betting is a sphere which as well as other industries needs affiliate marketing to spread its services and reach as many people as possible, who then can become potential customers and users of a platform. Thus, so as to involve advertisers, betting websites create their own programs. They provide their partners with unique links. Then affiliates place them on their own webpages or blogs with high traffic and in such a way attract people to the betting website. Eventually, the money reward is given to them when a person clicks on the link, visits a webpage or performs a certain action there.

Why do Bookmakers Need Affiliates?

The online betting industry is rather a competitive field. There are a lot of various bookmakers which provide players with an opportunity to place bets on many kinds of sports. Therefore, due to the high number of bookmakers and rivalry, it is hard to win people’s attention and persuade them to use this and not the other platform. So, in order to achieve success, it is crucial to develop all the time and adjust to new methods of advertisements. That is why bookmakers are in need of marketers who will help to advertise a website, increase the number of visitors and promote the sales of services. They choose effective methods and sources of advertising in order to reach the target audience which is predominantly young people who are between 18 and 30 years old and are interested in making fortune easy and in a short period of time.

What to look for when choosing a Betting Affiliate Program?

First of all, before starting to work with a certain sports betting program, it is important to analyze the conditions of cooperation with the platform:

  • The reliability of the bookmaker!
  • The payment terms, whether there is a reward for the purchase of the product by the customer, the pay for a lead when the affiliate receives money after a customer visits a website and performs a certain action (completes registration, subscribed to the newsletter, downloads an application, etc.) or the payment for a click and increased traffic when an advertiser is rewarded when a user clicks on the link and is redirected to the betting website!
  • The frequency of payouts whether they are one or several times a month!
  • Negative carryover – is a significant factor in selecting the best sports betting affiliate program because it has an extensive impact on the amount of profit the advertiser makes. For example, he earned 1500$ per month. However, if the gambler the affiliate referred a gambler who has made huge winnings during this month, for instance, 3000$, then if there is negative carryover in the betting program, the amount of money on the account is -1500$. So, the marketer will not make profit until the balance becomes zero!

It is recommended to cooperate not only with one bookmaker but with some of them in order to increase the amount of money which may be earned out of that.
Here are several top betting affiliate programs.

Paddy Power

The partners of that platform may receive from 20 to 30$ for each attracted client.

5k Betting System

The commission that the affiliate program pays for each transaction is 50% which means that for one referral a marketer may earn 20$.

FanDuel Affiliate Program

Affiliates may earn up to 35$ for each client if more than one hundred people complete a registration every month through the link. The other option of making money through this affiliate program is to make use of the revenue share model. The marketer may earn 35% of the money the client he referred to makes for a period of 730 days.


Affiliate marketing is an excellent option for both bookmakers and affiliates. The betting website owners will have the number of their services’ users increased and, as a result, will earn more money because of the rise in sales. Whereas the advertisers will help to promote bookmaker’s services through special advertising channels using various marketing skills and techniques.