Best Casino Affiliate Programs Of 2021

Partners Rating Deal type Cookie Reviews
PM Affiliates 5/5 CPA, RS, Hybrid 30days See Review
1xBet Affiliates 4/5 CPA, RS 7days See Review
Betfair Affiliates 4/5 CPA, RS, Hybrid 45days See Review
BetWinner Affiliates 4/5 CPA, RS 15days See Review
Bet365 Affiliates 4/5 RS 45days See Review

Online casino is an industry which is developing rapidly in these times. First of all, it already has a considerable number of admirers because they have an opportunity to play their favorite games on the platform without walking from home which is very convenient. This sphere is attractive not only for gambling lovers but also for those who want to make money through advertising services of online casino. It is called affiliate marketing.

What are Affiliate Programs?

One of the most effective marketing strategies is an affiliate. It is a type of promotion in which a certain product or service is being advertised in exchange for money. In the case of casinos, the owners of the webpages with gambling services create special affiliate programs to attract advertisers who will help to promote their products on the Internet. All the partners are rewarded for each customer brought by them to the platform.

Nowadays there are a lot of diverse online casinos on the Internet. That is why there is fierce competition because each of them wants to bring as many users as possible to their platform. So, they are in need of advertisers who will help to reach the people and tell them about a particular webpage. What is more, any person who is interested in gambling and has a certain knowledge of how it works or is a player himself may become a casino partner and share his valuable tips with the audience. He has to be familiar with the needs and preferences of the target audience in order to create such content which will be appealing to them.

How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

It is crucial to have a closer look at how it works. Here are some top casino affiliate programs of 2021 WorldWinner, BitStarz, Gunsbet and Ignition Casino. Most of such platforms with games offer programs for partnership in order to increase sales. They have a separate page on their website with all the terms and conditions of cooperation with them. There will be information about the payment methods and the amount of money the advertiser may earn for each attracted customer in a certain period of time.

Also, on the affiliate program webpage, there will be unique links that marketers should place on their platforms through which people will be redirected to the main website of the casino and all the information is being saved. Thus, the number of users brought to an online casino by an affiliate will be calculated and on the basis of that, the amount of money he has earned will be specified.

How to Become an Affiliate?

In order to become an advertiser and achieve success in this sphere, it is important to constantly develop marketing skills, improve the promoting techniques and analyze the performed work.

  • Choose the area you know. It is important to understand the sphere you are interested in. Thus, it will be easier to identify the target audience and create appropriate content to draw their attention to the online casino website!
  • Explore the area you select. As long as you have made your choice of the platform, you should perform a thorough analysis of the services offered by it because every casino has its own policy and a range of games offered!
  • Create an appropriate webpage where the link to the casino platform will be placed.
  • Produce content of high quality. It is important to create good advertising materials which will be interesting and useful for the audience!
  • Select the channels for promotion. It may be social media, bloggers and influencers or other websites with similar themes!
  • Analyze the results. This is the last step but not the least. Constantly examine the performed work and find ways to improve applied strategies!

These steps are guidelines on how to become an affiliate.

How the Payment Models Work?

There are 3 models of payment online casino use. The first one is called Revenue Share and according to it, a marketer earns from 5% to 50% of the money the casino makes during a certain period of time. The second model is called CPA which means the cost for action. In this case, advertisers are rewarded if the players they brought perform a particular action on the main website. The third one is a combination of these two beforementioned models.

Various Payment Method Options

Apart from payment models, each casino has its own method of rewarding its partners. Some of them pay the amount an affiliate earned for a month only once at the end of it. Whereas other gambling platforms give payouts several times a month.


There is an option to become a sub-affiliate who is a mediator between an online casino and affiliate and provide help to both parties.


To sum up, online casinos affiliate programs are an excellent choice if you want to make a profit out of that nowadays. Provided that there is certain knowledge of that sector, great success may be achieved.